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Material of Course Description

Course: New Practical Audio-Visual Chinese


Book 1 3rd edition

It has 12 lessons. The key point of teaching is basic pronunciation, syntax, and vocabulary in common use to reach a goal of competent communication. It includes 314 vocabulary entries, 303 phrases and 50 sentence syntaxes.

Book 2 3rd edition

It has 13 lessons. Expanding on the skills learnt in Book 1 by introducing language to enable fluent use of Mandarin in lively natural conversation. There are 303 vocabulary entries, 481 phrases and 39 syntax sentences.

Book 3 3rd edition

It has 14 lessons. The contents emphasize activities on campus, and topics of daily life. There are 600 vocabulary entries, 1195 phrases, 137 syntaxes and each lesson has a short handwritten article to compliment study.

Book 4 3rd edition

It has 14 lessons. To introduce Chinese culture, including social, historical, geographic, as well as human interest (worldly wisdom) aspects. It has 625 vocabulary entries, 1250 phrases and 119 syntaxes. Accompanying each chapter is a handwritten article.

Book 5 3rd edition

It has 20 lessons. This book introduces the uniqueness of Chinese culture and customs. The contents are based on folk customs, traditional drama, notable characters, medicine, science & technology, environmental protection, consumption and leisure time within a current context. Students will be able to converse well in a variety of different discussion points. This volume has an increased vocabulary of 667 entries and 70 conjunctive sentence structures, while the rest of the textbook has reading tests, articles and background stories about Chinese idiomatic phrases.



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