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Chinese Studying


Welcome to My School

My School has been serving the language student community for over 30 years. We are one of the oldest fully accredited and government recognized schools in Taiwan. Over the years students, from all over the globe, have come to study Chinese Language with us. Our flexible schedules and convenient down town location, make us the best choice for those who really need to get things done in Taiwan. At My School, we focus on practical conversation first, emphasizing the words and phrases that will help you immediately. Once you are on your feet (after the first month), we move to BO, PO, MO, FO (BPMF) and Chinese characters. Our approach offers a very fluid form of learning.



My School offers both personal and group classes:


Group classes provide a lively, interactive atmosphere where a broad range of classroom activities give students many opportunities to practice the language together.


Personal classes provide a highly intensive, personalized form of instruction, which enables students to progress at a pace most suited to his or her needs and abilities.



My School teachers use a combination of Pinyin, (the standard Romanization system used in Mainland China) and the National Phonetic System of Taiwan (BPMF). Characters are also taught to intermediate and advance level students who wish to learn the writing system. (Detail please see as below)


Teaching Method

Our teachers use a combination of personal interaction focusing on speech, white board work and computer-based learning. New words and phrases are typed on the computer (in Pinyin and Characters) and given to the students as a print out at the end of the class, therefore enabling the student to learn a greater range of material at home.



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